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February is Prayer Month

          We believe that prayer is also an important ingredient in experiencing transformation. Why? Because, like Scripture, it is one of the primary ways we experience God and thereby experience transformation. Because prayer is so important, we believe it is a vital element of our church. We desire that our church family pray with one another and for one another. How can we do that together? Tips for Praying Together In Habits of Grace, David Mathis, discusses the importance of spiritual disciplines, including the discipline of praying together. In the book, he offers five counsels for praying with company.1 These are valuable tips for anyone, including our leaders. Make It Regular. Mathis encourages us to make it a regular habit to set aside time in our connections groups to pray for one another. He encourages small groups to commit to a set amount of time to focus on prayer. At the end of that time, reconsider how you will continue to emphasize prayer.  Start with Scripture. A