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Easter is Coming

   During the month of March Rivers Church will be focusing on the discipline of Worshiping God. With Easter coming it causes me to think about the season of Lent . Lent , in the Christian  church , a period of penitential preparation for  Easter . In Western churches it begins on  Ash Wednesday , six and a half weeks before Easter, and provides for a 40-day  fast. It is a season of intentionally focusing on God's love for us.  We can see clearly how much the Lord loves His kids in both the Old and New Testaments.  Why did God deliver the people of Israel out of slavery in Egypt? Because he loved his people. Simple enough, right?  God’s love is immeasurable and unfathomable. He chose the Israelites hundreds of years prior, heard the cry of his people, and remembered his covenant. A love like this is rarely experienced by humans.  We let one another down. We hurt each other. We fail. Our love becomes broken. That’s why God’s love is so unbelievable. His love never fails. Just when w